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Concord Hydraulics possesses expertise in manufacturing and supplying of premier quality custom built hydraulic power packs. We take utmost care in designing and developing quality hydraulic power packs. All the hydraulic power packs are painted with epoxy / polyurethane paints, to avoid corrosion, ensuring quality performance of our power packs under all climatic conditions. We use standard accessories such as suction strainers, filler breathers, pressure gauges, gauge isolators and return line fillers, etc, in the manufacturing process. High quality pumps and valves of world-renowned brands are used to ensure

excellent performance during usage.


•Low noise level

•Power saving circuit

•Analog/Digital Temperature Indicators

•Level switches

•Cartridge valves

•Heat exchangers

Types Hydraulic Power Packs

Standard Power Packs

•Power: 1 HP, 3 HP, 5 HP , 10 HP

•Tank Capacity: 30 - 500 liters

•Pressure: 30 - 3000 PSI

•Flow: 3 - 50 LPM

•Types: Vane, gear, piston pump

Special Purpose Power Packs

•Power : Upto 150 HP

•Tank Capacity : Upto 15000 Litres

•Pressure: 30-315 Kgs / cm2

•Flow : Upto 1500 LPM

•Pump Types : Vane, Gear, Piston Pump

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